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Discover the Alliance Home Difference

Advertising, glossy brochures, massive signs and special events are some of the tactics new home builders use to attract purchasers. Alliance Homes focuses more on building good, solid homes with lasting appeal for attractive prices in excellentlocations. As a result, word-of-mouth has proven to be this progressive firm’s most powerful form of marketing.

Alliance Homes has completed highly successful communities across the Greater Toronto Area and beyond, including Oshawa, Brooklin, Whitby, Port Perry and Uxbridge in the Region of Durham, to Beeton, Barrie, Concord, Alliston, Collingwood and Huntsville. Take a drive through any of these communities, and you can see for yourself how beautifully they are maturing.

It all began with the vision of Alex Troop, who founded Alliance Homes in 1994. To this day, the company remains true to providing total quality in community and home design, construction, finishes and service from the moment buyers enter the sales centres through to after they move in. Letters of appreciation from homeowners form the highest praise this builder receives. In fact, some have written to say they visited completed Alliance Homes communities and knocked on doors to ask homeowners about their purchase experience. The reports have been positive from people who love their homes and neighbourhoods. Expanding on customer service, Alliance Homes now has a fabulous Décor Centre at the company’s offices in Schomberg, Ontario.

The precedent set by Alex Troop decades ago continues to drive Alliance Homes’ success. Relying heavily on word-of-mouth to attract buyers brings with it the responsibility to remain approachable and customer driven. Alliance Homes has earned a reputation for excellence and has a dedicated following of new home buyers who produce a substantial referral and move-up business.

For Alex Troop, the formula is straightforward: top-quality homes, desirable locations and attentive service equal sales.