Sandra and Gordon Smyth – Kelly’s Landing

“We’re proud of our place. As soon as we moved in, it felt like a happy house.”

When Sandra and Gordon Smyth moved into their Alliance Homes bungalow at Kelly’s Landing, it was coming “home” in more ways than one. Sandra and Gordon lived in Barrie about 35 years ago, but moved closer to Toronto because of their careers. Now that Sandra has taken an early retirement, they decided to move north again and are happy to be back.

Adding to the appeal of living in Barrie, their two grown sons and four grandchildren live in the city – so the choice was natural. They both love the convenience, too, because as Sandra says, “There’s everything we need in Barrie, and it’s so nice in every season. The people are so friendly, and I’ve started volunteering at the information desk at Royal Victoria Hospital. There’s a real community feeling here.”

Sandra and Gordon looked for a long time before deciding on Alliance’s neighborhood at Kelly’s Landing, and their decision had a great deal to do with location. “We’re originally from Ireland, so we’ve missed living near a lake,” Sandra says. “This community is right beside a conservation area. We walk through it on our way to the lake, and it’s beautiful. There’s a river that makes its way to the lake as well, and it is such a joy to be able to stroll beside the water without having to drive anywhere.”

The Smyths also love living beside the storm water management pond in the neighborhood. “I’m looking out my window right now at four Canada geese and two ducks,” Sandra says on a sunny morning in May. During their search for a new home, Gordon and Sandra intended to purchase a bungalow, but Sandra found many of the designs they looked at were too closed in. “Our home here is open concept, and we love it. The back of the home is all windows leading down to the basement, and the effect is striking.”

It’s even more stunning because of the care Sandra has put into decorating. “I have all my painting done, and people who come in think it’s awesome. One wall in our family room is sea-grass green, and the kitchen island in that open area is Dorset gold. In the living room, I painted one wall in a rust colour and continued it along portions of the kitchen walls down the stairs into the family room on the lower level.”

Gordon and Sandra have been pleased with the service they have had from Alliance Homes, particularly from Glenn, the site manager. Sandra has been most accommodating in showing visitors to the community through her home.

“Sometimes people drive around to look,” she says, “and if they pull up in front of our home, I invite them in to have a look. Two people I didn’t know ended up buying a home here because they were so impressed. Even the people who bought the lot next to ours went through my home before buying. We’re proud of our place. As soon as we moved in, it felt like a happy house.”