Jazin and Greg Bond – Orchard Highland Estates

Jazin and Greg Bond live in Alliance Homes’ Orchard Highland Estates community with their young son, Finley. Here are some of the comments Jazin has on their new home-buying experience:

Jazin: “I’m originally from Port Perry. We chose to live in Whitby, because we both work here, and we have friends in Toronto and Port Perry, so it’s a nice central location for us.”

“We chose Orchard Highlands, because we drove by it many times and liked the way it looked – the smaller self-contained neighbourhood appealed to me. Also, there’s a distinct end to the neighbourhood with the trees on the ridge, so we know it can’t be built out any farther.”

“We were aware of Alliance and many other builders in the area, because we drove past the sites so often going from Whitby to Port Perry.”

“When we came to Orchard Highland Estates to look, Alliance had built four homes on spec. The one we chose, the Howell, was already framed, so we got a good impression of what it would be like for living space.”

“We liked the 1,500 sq. ft. three-bedroom Howell right away, especially the open-concept design. For a smaller home, the fact that it has a couple half walls and a large opening framed by pillars, we feel it’s roomy enough to entertain people.”

“Our experience with Alliance Homes has been positive. Whenever we’ve had a concern or problem, they’ve been extremely prompt in responding, especially the Site Super, Scott. Nancy in the Sales Office has been very good in locating who we need to speak to and in answering questions.”

“This is our first home, and the quality is good.”

“We’re getting to know our neighbours, and it’s a really nice community.”

“The reason we chose this 30′ lot is that we’re right beside the park. That was a huge selling feature for us. When we came to the site, on the map we noticed there would be a park beside this lot, and there was a row of old trees that separated us from existing residential. I grew up on 200 acres, so this warmed me up to the idea of moving into a new home community. The lot selection here is really good.”

And from Greg: “Living in Whitby places us close to where we work, and I see it as an up-and-coming little town. The progress here reminds me of what’s happening on the west end of Toronto. People are moving out of downtown to areas that are removed, but accessible. Whitby is more accessible now because of the GO Train and Highway 407.”

“There’s a nice atmosphere in Whitby, and it’s only 45 minutes to downtown Toronto. We wanted to stay away from living in Toronto, but I didn’t want to exclude myself from the Toronto job market. Whitby is a reasonable commute.”

“We really like the location we’re in at the top of a hill with a view of the city. Alliance has made a real effort to keep some of older trees, which we like.”

“The experience with Alliance has been good so far. We had a couple problems after we moved in, and I had heard bad stories about other builders. But Alliance was pretty quick to fix things. They give good service.”