Heather & Klaus Mayer – Kelly’s Landing

Gentleman: I am enclosing our 12 month list of things we would like looked into. I also wanted to write and let you know how pleased we are with our Alliance Home. We are not strangers to new homes, this one being our fourth so we know what we are talking about when we say that it has been a pleasure living in one of your well built homes for the past year.

We did not hand in a list until now as our list is small and we know from other neighbours that each item will be taken care of. Every problem we had on site was dealt with professionally and swiftly by the site manager. In all our new homes we have never had this kind of prompt service that we experienced at Kelly’s Landing. From the very beginning we were encouraged to go on site and watch as our home was built. Your company really has the right idea by making the buyer part of the team.

We want to thank you for building a great home and we would highly recommend your company to anyone who wants quality.

Heather & Klaus Mayer