Adam and Crystal Kellard – Meadowview

kellard3Adam & Crystal Kellard live at Alliance Homes’ Meadowview community in Beeton. The first-time home buyers live with parents Violet and Harry Blakey in the 2,247 sq. ft. Devonshire two-storey home. Here’s what Adam has to say about their new home-buying experience:

“Why Beeton? We didn’t actually choose to live in Beeton; we were driving through it and saw the signs. We took a look at the houses there and saw the design we were looking for. I know a couple people who live in Tottenham, so I knew the area a bit.”

“We live in Etobicoke now, and we have two small kids. We were looking for a more small-town atmosphere to bring up our children in. Moving to Beeton is a big change for us.”

“Everything is within walking distance of Meadowview. Beeton has a population of 13,000, which is small nowadays. We’ll have an IGA and everything else just around corner from our house.”

“We liked the four-bedroom Devonshire plan. My in-laws live with us. Our son is eight, and our daughter is two. We’ll plan to build a basement apartment for even more living space.”

“We like the two-storey with the double garage, especially because the garage is not recessed into the house and doesn’t eat up living space. The overall look of the home is great, with the big bay windows and all. We love the nice big eat-in kitchen, and the bedrooms are a good size.”

“The price range is appealing, too. The farther north you go, the less expensive the houses are. Buying in Beeton was less expensive for us than if we bought in Mississauga. There, we’d be spending the same amount of money for a smaller home.”

kellard2“This is the first home that we and our in-laws have bought. We read guides on buying a new home, and one of the recommendations was to research the builder. I have a couple work colleagues who live in Beeton and bought a house there from a builder who went out of business. It took years for them to get the warranty work done that they needed. So, we went on the Internet and did background checks on the builders we were looking at. Alliance has had no conciliations against them.”

“Another recommendation in the home buying guides is to ask existing homeowners about the builder. Alliance is also building homes in Whitby, so we went to that community and asked people there how they enjoyed their homes. They had no complaints.”

“We bought our home from Kathleen, who really knows what she’s doing. She’s very helpful, and even helped us pick out our colours. We told her she should be an interior decorator. She’s been around long enough that she’s seen it all and she knows what she’s talking about. We trust her. Obviously, you’re going to put your trust in her and hope for the best. We’re not disappointed. We went up to Beeton quite a bit to take photos of each stage of the construction of our home, every second or third weekend. It looks great. It’s a pretty home.”

“I was talking to one of trades people working on our home and asked him how it was going. He said everything is going on time and smoothly. I even asked him about whether there might be any strikes coming up that might affect the closing date, and he said he didn’t know of any.”

“I work in the concrete cutting business, doing door openings and windows, and cutting driveway entrances. I spend a lot of time on builder sites, and I became aware of Alliance through the industry. I am impressed with how much attention the company pays to detail.”

“Beeton is great. They have soccer league there, and our son has been playing soccer for years. We’re also in Scouts Canada, and I know there’s a group in Beeton we can get involved with.”

“I work with Immigration Canada sometimes, too, and commute part of the year to Mississauga. My wife works for a security company near Pearson Airport. Mississauga is about a 50-minute drive from Beeton. I really like the fact that we’ll have several transportation options to choose from like Highways 50 and 27 and Airport Road. There are a lot of access points to Beeton and many side roads we can take to vary the route.”